Orchid Photography


In my recent trip to Thailand from May 31st-June 24th Andy May and I traveled all over Thailand (4,300 miles). I experienced a new and different Thailand that I had previously seen.  From the moment Andy picked me up at the Bangkok Airport I was on the adventure of a life time, which was world wind to say the least. 

From the all night bars and eating places on Kosan Street, the Bangkok Flower Market, Royal Asian Paragon Orchid Show the orchid venders throughout the country.  We visited the ancient city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya to the seaside resort of Paujorba on  Gulf of Thailand to the plant market at Dancing Corne on the Burma boarder. We spent time in Chiang Mia district and visited numerous vendors in this area as well. Here are some pictures from this fabulous trip. 

               Korsan Street                 Dinner on Korsan St.                   Sign to Salaya                      Motel in Salaya

    Air Orchids Largest Cut Flower Production in Thailand       Bannja & Domrong's Orchid Farm largest in the world   

                             Karirt Orchid Farm                                      Siam Orchid Society Show             Ren. Red Dragon

 Rhyn. Greenwich 'Elmhurst'               V. sanderiana                       V. Gordan Dillion                   Paph. godefroyae

            Phal. gigantea                    Paph. Magic Lantern                             Display's made of Orchids

                             Bangkok Flower Market                                                                      Paujorba Sea Side Resort

                 Andy May                           Me and Banja                     Buddhist Monastery             San-pan Fishing Boat

                                                                     The Ancient City of Arutthaya

                                              Mountain roads and orchids growing wild in the tree canopy's

                                         Andy & Pat  May's House and Orchid Farm in Khon Kean Provence 

          On the road to Chiang Mia and the Chiang Mai Saloon where the burgers are great and the beer is cheap

        Katai Pharo Orchids                       Jack fruit                  My orchids before packing              Last stop CITES